VIDEO: Shampoo bars, are they worth it?

Some people become instant converts and others are not sure about the feel. Many users decide to make the change as they prepare for a holiday and look to avoid carrying liquids and bottles through airport scanners. There's lots of choices and it's a very personal decision.

Champions of shampoo bars boast shinier and faster growing hair, increased volume, reduced dandruff and less frizz.

Some suggest they have more defined curls if they had curly or wavy hair to begin with.

Using the bar is simple. Once hair is wet run the bar between your hands then lather into the scalp - although some users rub the bar directly onto hair.

The most important point is that everyone's hair is different and users might not find the right bar straight away - which is annoying, especially if you're determined to make a change from products in plastic bottles.

Be warned, even after finding the right bar, users report scalps producing more oil to compensate for the previous striping of natural oils as they attempt to restore a natural pH. During this time hair can feel more frizzy, at times greasy and get tangled easily. Bars are best stored in something like a soap dish, exposing it to air between washes.

Product suggestions with affiliate links:

Shine On Shampoo Bar

My personal favourite after trying quite a few bars! The company says: "Perfect for anyone who loves the planet as much as their hair."

Last much longer than a a bottle of liquid shampoo and the bars are made in the UK. It weighs 50g. It's not just me who enjoys the feel of this product, other users report it leaves their hair feeling clean and smelling good. Some say they were impressed after trying others and found this bar worked best for them. For more details click here

Friendly Soap Shampoo Bar

Lavender and Tea Tree, 1 Pack (1 x 95 g).

All Friendly Soap products are free-from things like palm oil and boxed in plastic free recycled - and recyclable - packaging.

The company says castor oil has been used for centuries as a natural hair conditioner. One Friendly shampoo bar is expected to last as long as three bottles of liquid shampoo. Weighs 95 grams. For more details click here

Plastic Free Conditioner Bar Lavender and Lime - zero waste hair care.

Each conditioner bar is made in small batches, according to the company which is based in Devon.

They say 'if used three times weekly this bar should last approximately three months'.

The bar weighs 60g. For more details click here

Ucradle Shampoo Bar, 100% Natural Hair Vegan Shampoo Bar Various Plant Essence Hand Soap Shampoo Bar, Hair Cleaning and Moisturising for Dry & Damaged Hair, 2 Pack.

100% Natural Vegan Shampoo Bar. No harsh detergents chemicals, without stripping your head's natural oils. The Ucradle hand soap bar is suitable for men, women, teens, children, and babies. The company says no need for conditioner as '2 IN 1 Hair Shampoo Soap for dry and damaged hair, Deeply nourishes the hair and scalp to repair damaged hair, keeps hair soft and shiny, gentle and effective'.. One shampoo bar (1.94oz) will last as long as two 200ml bottles of liquid shampoo. For more details click here

OCYCLONE Hair Shampoo Bar 3 PACK, Ginger, Seaweed and Peppermint Chamomile, Vegan Solid Shampoo Bar and Conditioner for Hair Growth and Oil-Control, Natural Organic Herbal Soap Shampoo Bar

The package includes: 1x Ginger shampoo bar, 1x Seaweed shampoo bar, 1x Mint Chamomile shampoo bar, 1x Foam bag and Each comes with a small box.

The company says: "Natural Herbal Power. The Ginger shampoo bar helps hair root strengthen and promote a healthy growth. Seaweed essence deeply permeates the scalp, repairs the damaged part and removes dandruff. The Mint Chamomile one is specially effective at balancing oil secretion, keeping hair refreshing and fluffy. With all these efficacy, they will give you clean lustrous cascades of hair. One hair shampoo bar equals 400ml liquid shampoo. A good lather comes out if you rub it with water. For more details click here

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