GIFT IDEAS: Winter warmers!

Looking for a gift that's a little different? Know someone who cares about the environment and seems to have everything? We've compiled some of our favourite ideas.

Bio-Bean Heat Log Made from Recycled Coffee Grounds 24cm x 14cm x 22cm

16 coffee logs which burn hotter and for longer than wood - although some users reported finding them slightly harder than wood to set alight.

The company says: "The UK drinks 95 million cups of coffee every day, creating hundreds of thousands of tonnes of waste coffee grounds each year. Typically, coffee grounds go to landfill where they emit methane, a greenhouse gas 28 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Bio-bean works with the existing waste management infrastructure to collect used coffee grounds from coffee shops, offices, restaurants and transport hubs in urban areas within the UK where there is a high concentration of waste coffee grounds. By recycling coffee grounds into Coffee Logs, we generate 80% less emissions than if the grounds are sent to landfill." For more details click here

Tweedmill Random Recycled All Wool Rug Assorted Colours - 120 x 150 centimeters.

If you don't mind not choosing the colour then these eco rugs have proved very popular.

The company says: "This is a random design as woven from recycled fibres, all colours will vary. Recycled wool blankets which have been re-spun. Warm and machine washable on a cold cycle ." For more details click here

YMing Scented Candles Lavender, Lemon, Mediterranean Fig, Fresh Spring,Natural Soy Wax Portable Travel Tin Candle,Set Gift of 4

Lots of positive reviews from users including that after 20 hours of burn time there's still around a third of the candle left. Many users praise the fragrances with one user reporting that they are also great for keeping wasps away outside.

The company says: "Each candle and burn hour: 25-30 hours, total burning 120 hours."

Users report that they like how they can be used as trinket boxes once the candle has melted away. For more details click here

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