NEWS: First ever 'plastic free awards'

Judges have been announced for the inaugural Plastic Free Awards in November.

The list includes TV presenter Ben Fogle and Olympian Helen Glover.

Surfers Against Sewage and the Iceland Foods Charitable Foundation are behind the awards.

Judge Hugo Tagholm, the CEO of Surfers Against Sewage, said: "We have seen an inspirational wave of action to tackle plastic pollution and excessive packaging over the last two years - change is truly happening.

"The Plastic Free Awards will help shine a spotlight on the mavens and mavericks creating the changes to stop the flow of plastic into our world."

The categories are

  • Plastic-Free Hero

  • Youth Plastic Pioneer

  • Reduce & Reuse Award

  • Plastic-Free Community

  • Plastic-Free Venues & Events

  • Plastic Production Re-Innovation

  • Small Business Award

  • Schools Champion

  • Sports Champion

  • The Judging Panel

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