GIFT IDEAS: Plastic Free Valentine's

Looking for a Valentine's gift that doesn't come wrapped in plastic? We've compiled a list of our favourite eco and recycled gift ideas for those looking for something a little different.

BEWELL Unisex Wooden Watches Analogue Japanese Quartz Watch with Bamboo Bracelet.

Natural bamboo wood has an aromatic smell, which can soothe the nerves and make you feel relaxed. Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, odour resistant and hypo-allergenic. The company says 'the ultra-thin and lightweight wood watch matches your skin temperature and is never too hot or cold, perfect for people with sensitive skin and allergic to metal'. The watch strap can be adjusted and disassembled to fit your wrist, with a link removing tool and instructions included in the package. The watch is packaged in an eco-friendly paper box and could be a great unusual gift for an eco conscious person. It includes a high-quality imported Japanese quartz watch and long lasting battery which can be replaced. If you are not too sure about the colours there are more traditional wooden looking watches which can be found here for more details about the Bewell unisex watch click here

Chocolate and Love Gift Box

Panama Chocolate 4 x 40g Bar

The multi-award winning chocolate comes in eco friendly packaging which is 100% biodegradable, including the foil that is produced from wood pulp. The chocolate is sourced directly from Fairtrade certified cooperatives comprised of many small family-run farms with premium certified organic ingredients. The dark chocolate comes in four flavours of Panama, Rich Dark, Pomegranate and Sea Salt. Made in Switzerland the chocolate is gluten free and soy free with three of the four being vegan which are Panama, Rich Dark and Pomegranate (not sea salt). This box set contains four bar and each one is 40g. The company says: "For those who care about the environment and their individual carbon footprint, you will be pleased to discover the care and close attention to detail in everything. For example, the paper wrapper is constructed using FSC certified paper. The Cacao, Cane Sugar and Vanilla are all Fairtrade sourced and certified. The silver inside wrapper is compostable, foil based on sustainable wood-pulp from plantations employing Forestry Management principles. Which is certified to EU and US biodegradability standards, making the foil suitable for straightforward recycling via composting." For more details click here

Paddywax Glass Eco Green Thyme and Olive Leaf Candle, Green

The Eco Green collection are candles hand poured into recycled wine bottles with logo embossed wooden lids. The soy blended wax is natural, renewable and gives a longer cleaner burn than paraffin candles. The candle has a burn time of around 60 hours. In reviews, some users say they absolutely love the There's also a wide range of choices including bamboo and green tea, basil and cucumber, blood orange and bergamont, floral, pomegranate and current. For more details click here

WOO Lucky Candles | Stress Relieving Tranquility | Cherishing Treasure Stress-Free Fragrance

The eco friendly candles are made from sustainably-sourced oils, organic beeswax and lead-free cotton wick. They have a burn time of around 25 hours. One reviewer said: "Great slow burning candle. It might be small, but the wax doesn't burn down too fast so it's worth the money." Some users say it is smaller than they expected, while others say it a good size for a 'compact candle' and praised the burn time. Another reviewer added: "Scent isn't overwhelming but does a good job of adding a feeling of clean organic smell to the air on the room. I was surprised how long the candle burned." For more details click here

Gin and Tonic Necklace - Recycled Bombay Sapphire and Tonic Water Bottle Pendant

The item shown is made from two separate bottles - a Bombay Sapphire miniature and one from a tonic water neck. Both have been cut, melted and annealed. The tonic water pendant has been tumbled to a frosted sea-glass finish. They are strung on a fine silver-plated cable-chain necklace. Each pendant measures about 1-1/2 inches wide, the chain is 18 inches long. The jewellery has no links to the original bottle or drinks makers. One reviewer said: "Amazing, elegant and hand made. My lady was very happy with it." Another posted: "Bought for my 18 year old grand daughter. She loves unusual jewellery and adored this necklace. The chain is just right not too thin." For more details click here

Recycled Bombay Sapphire Gin Bottle Cufflinks

Cufflinks melted, annealed and tumbled from a Bombay Sapphire bottle. They have a matte sea glass finish and the soft sapphire glow of the original bottle. The findings are silver-plated. The item is not connected to the original drinks maker.

The unusual cufflinks could make a great present ahead of a wedding or for someone starting a new job.

For more details click here

Mini Vase Trio

H11cm recycled part optic x 3

These handmade vases are made from recycled disused bottles with users reporting being very happy with decorating a table or mantlepiece etc. Users report a slight greenish tone which is usual for recycled glass.

The gift box they arrive in comes from recycled card and words are printed using organic inks. The openings are 3.5, 4 and 5 cms. For more details click here

Recycled Inner Tube Wallet

Know a keen cyclist who seems to have everything? These are made from old bicycle inner tubes that have been saved from UK landfill. 100% of the money raised helps fund childcare and non-profit social enterprise in Malawi. The wallet is also showerproof and vegan. It offers four handy credit card compartments and space for notes. For other ideas, why not try an Eco-Friendly Recycled Inner Tube Handbag or Eco-Friendly Recycled Motorbike Tyre Belt

For more about the recycled tube wallet click here

Circuit board keychain

Square, 'gift for tech geek'

Described as a 'glorious gift for a person who likes outstanding accessories and is a techie admirer'.

The keychain is made of a piece of real circuit board and is covered with resin, so the surface is as shiny as glass. The board piece is 25x25 mm (1"x1").

It is supplied with a silver toned key ring.

The width is 30 millimetres and the height is 30 millimetres.

For more details click here

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