GIFT IDEAS: 'Wheelie good presents'

Know someone who loves cycling or riding a motorbike and seems to have everything they need for it? Here's some zero waste and plastic alternatives.

Eco-Friendly Recycled Inner Tube Handbag By Paguro Upcycle. 100% Vegan Ladies Shoulder or Crossbody Bag Made From Leather Alternative. Sustainable Fashion, Ethically Produced, Fair Trade. [Black]

Are you a female cyclist looking for the ultimate accessory? Why not try this, which the company says: "Isn’t just a classic design and timeless piece, it’s practical too.

"It features a lustrous titanium-coloured twist lock clasp and is finished with matching chain. Lined with plush grey felt, the inside contains two compartments with a section large enough for keys, a mobile phone, coins, cash and cards as well as makeup and all of your essentials. "

It adds: "By purchasing this evening bag, made from reclaimed materials, you’re helping the environment by repurposing materials that would otherwise have entered landfill."

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Eco-Friendly Recycled Motorbike Tyre Belt - Paguro Upcycle. Handmade 100% Vegan Mens/Ladies Belt Made From Leather Alternative. Unique Tread Pattern. Ethically Made. [Black]

Know someone who has everything for their motorbike and needs a present?

The company says: "Reclaimed rubber is used from worn tyres, giving a motorbike tyre a second life. Each one is handmade, using a unique hand cut tread pattern. Style has certainly not been compromised by the functionality of this fashionable piece, as the rubber is both durable and comfortable to wear."

Made from 95% Recycled Rubber, 5% New Materials. For more details click here

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