NEWS: A good 'SPAR-t'? by retailer?

Spar UK says it has removed almost 300 tonnes of virgin plastic from 53 own brand products in the past year.

The retailer says as part of a packaging revamp it has also prevented over 100 tonnes of black plastic going to landfill - and added recycling information on over 700 Spar own brand products.

Cath McIlwham from Spar UK, said: “A year ago we made a huge commitment to eliminate black plastic from our Spar own label packaging range by the end of 2020 and we are delighted to be working well ahead of our target.

“We know that protecting the planet for the future is important to our customers and retailers and we have shown how committed we are to reducing the amount of plastic we use and ensuring packaging is recyclable where possible.

"By 2025 Spar UK looks to eliminate single-use plastic from its own brand range. It also aims to have an average of 30% recycled content in plastic packaging and ensure 100% of plastic packaging is reusable, recyclable or compostable.

"To date Spar has removed nearly 300 tonnes of virgin plastic by including recycled plastic in the packaging of 53 S own brand products. This includes Spar waters, dilutes, cider, and mixers, which now have up to 51% recycled plastic in the bottles.

"The group has prevented over 100 tonnes of black plastic going to landfill by replacing it in 45 products with other alternatives such as clear plastic, or recycled plastic. Its own brand ready meal trays now include 80% recycled material and are fully recyclable.

“We know that being environmentally friendly is a really important area of concern for our customers. Our research showed that our customers wanted more information on recycling. As a result, we are putting the OPRL (on-pack recycling logo) on all our own label packaging."

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