NEWS: Asda confirms packaging changes

Asda has announced changes to the packaging for its living herbs and own-brand fresh ready meals which will soon come in fully recyclable packaging.

The herbs, currently sold in a plastic pot with a plastic wrap, will be moving to a more sustainable container called a 'plug'.

The plastic wrap will be replaced by a paper sleeve to protect the herbs - making the entire product plastic-free and saving 45.6 tonnes of plastic each year.

From November 3, 97 of Asda’s fresh ready meal lines will move to new ‘evolve’ by Faerch trays, made from natural cPET – a form of detectable and recyclable plastic.

The move will transform 775 tonnes of plastic and 45 million ready meal trays from non-recyclable to recyclable material.

Asda has already removed 6,500 tonnes of plastic from its own-brand packaging in the past 18 months.

The removal of single-use carrier bags ,from both its stores and online orders, has resulted in 375 million fewer bags being produced a year.

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