NEWS: Christmas jumper plastic stats

Campaigners are warning most of the 12-million new Christmas jumpers that will be bought this festive season contain plastic.

Environmental charity Hubbub say two out of five are only worn once before being thrown away.

An average of one in three under 35s will buy a new Christmas jumper every year.

Hubbub studied 108 jumpers on sale from 11 different high street and online retailers and found 95% were made wholly or partly from plastic materials.

The most common plastic fibre used is acrylic, which was found in three quarters of the jumpers tested, with 44% made entirely from acrylic.

A study by Plymouth University found that acrylic was responsible for releasing nearly 730,000 microfibres per wash, five times more than polyester-cotton blend fabric, and nearly 1.5 times as many as pure polyester.

Sarah Divall, project co-ordinator for Hubbub said: “We don’t want to stop people dressing up and having a great time at Christmas, but there are so many ways to do this without buying new.

"Fast fashion is a major threat to the natural world and Christmas jumpers are particularly problematic as so many contain plastic.

"We’d urge people to swap, buy second-hand or re-wear and remember a jumper is for life, not just for Christmas.”

The charity has produced a list of its top tips.

If you have any tips let us know in the comments below

SHOP YOUR WARDROBE We’re all guilty of shoving last year’s items to the back of the wardrobe and forgetting about them. Why not have a wardrobe re-fresh and see what you can unearth from times gone by? You might fall back in love with a jacket or a dress that you totally forgot about. Slightly worse for wear? Breath some life back into your wardrobe with our top-tips here.

GET SWAPPING Clothes swaps are the best way to refresh your wardrobe with wonderful new pieces for almost no cost. Clothes swaps allow you to take clothes you no longer wear and swap them with other people. It’s a great excuse to hang out with pals or meet some new ones! Search for some local clothes swaps or check out our vlog on how to easily host a clothes swap here.  

HIT THE CHARITY SHOPS OR SOME VINTAGE STORES Second-hand shops are packed full of gems, usually for a fraction of the price. Plus, chances are you’ll be the only one wearing that dress at the party!   Giving old clothes a new life means we aren’t contributing to the resource-use, waste and pollution that comes attached to the price tag of a new, high-street piece. If you’re more of an online-shopper, there are lots of different sites that allow people to sell their pre-loved, high-quality clothes.  

CONSIDER RENTING Clothes renting is a thing! Stick with us… New apps and platforms are popping up that allow us to rent a fancy piece for a few days and return it after, at a fraction of the cost of the original item. It’s a fab way of getting a jazzy new item for a party without having to buy something that’ll sit at the back of your wardrobe for eternity.  

SHOP CONSCIOUSLY Had your eye on something for months? We get it. If you do want to buy something new, keep the following tips in mind when shopping: Look for quality - if stitching is already fraying or a button is loose before it’s left the shop, the item won’t last!   Try on before you buy - check that the cut fits right and that the patterns match up.  Look for natural fibres (like organic cotton, wool or linen) if possible.  Care for what you buy -  wash less, wash on a low temperature, and air dry. 

Get in touch if you have a plastic free hack to share or come across a product or service deserving support.

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