NEWS: 'Cut plastic cigarette filters'

There's a call to ban the sale of filtered cigarettes to reduce plastic pollution.

Research published in the British Medical Journal found they are non-biodegradable and the single most-commonly collected item of litter around the world.

A spokesperson for the study added: "Not including filters in the European Union ban on many single-use plastic products, such as cutlery, plates, and straws, from 2021 seems like a missed opportunity. "EU countries have committed to assure "health in all policies," and such a ban would be consistent with obligations under the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. "Many people previously doubted the possibility of smoke-free bars, pubs, and planes, while the idea that a pack of cigarettes would be restricted to plain packaging with graphic warnings seemed unthinkable. "It may be time for a similar radical approach that strengthens ties between the environment and health communities for the common planetary good.

"If we fail to reduce the trillions of butts added to the world's waste burden annually, we undermine our efforts to curb global plastic waste and miss an opportunity to help end the global tobacco epidemic."

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