NEWS: Face masks 'dumped on beaches'

Concerns are growing about the numbers of used single-use plastic face masks being found on beaches in parts of China and Hong Kong - with environmental campaigners suggesting many are ending up in the oceans.

There's reports of 7.4 million face masks being bought in one day as a response to the global Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic.

Environmentalists (see posts below) are calling for masks to be disposed of properly so they don't come into contact with fish or other marine life.

Below are examples of social media posts about the growing problem, one from a campaign group which is spending a year studying plastic pollution and marine litter.

Plastic Free Central has posted links below to the official guidance about the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic from the NHS and World Health Organisation.

  • The latest NHS and UK Government Covid-19 Coronavirus advice can be found here

  • The latest World Health Organisation Covid-19 Coronavirus advice can be found here

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