NEWS: Football clubs 'should do more'

Sporting stadiums are being urged to start offering re-usable cups, following a poll of fans showing support for the idea.

Friends of the Earth and the British Association for Sustainable Sport commissioned the research. The Premier League sold six million single-use plastic beer cups last season. Arsenal and Manchester City have both introduced a reusable cup scheme this season, with city estimating it will help to remove 29,000 single-use plastic cups per match on average. Tottenham Hotspur is trialling a re-usable cup scheme and several clubs ran trials last season. Successful schemes have been operating in cricket venues, such as Lord’s and the Oval, and Twickenham Rugby stadium for a number of years. A YouGov poll of UK football fans, commissioned by Friends of the Earth, found '84% agree Premier League clubs should ensure reusable or returnable cups are used in their stadiums' and 86% that grounds 'should remove single-use plastics – such as plastic straws, sachets and cutlery - where possible'. Friends of the Earth plastic campaigner Julian Kirby said: "We're encouraged that a number of clubs have already introduced measures on this issue – but we need every Premier and Football League club do what it can to get rid of unnecessary single-use plastic." Russell Seymour, Chief Executive of the British Association for Sustainable Sport, said: "The impacts of plastic waste and pollution are one of the most important environmental issues of our time and we are happy to work with Friends of the Earth and the sport of football to reduce these impacts."

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