NEWS: McDonald's 'trials changes'

McDonald's is trialling a recycling scheme for unwanted plastic toys - turning them into products such as coffee cups and play equipment.

Bosses say more than 1,200 tonnes of plastic a year will be saved through a makeover of McFlurry packaging by eliminating the need for a separate plastic lid.

The company says the change will be fully implemented across Europe by the end of 2020.

Earlier this year the company decided not to follow Burger King in phasing out free plastic toys with kids' meals - despite a petition started by schoolchildren.

Trials are also being conducted for plastic-free McFlurry spoons with wooden and paper alternatives being tested 'to find the material that meets customer preferences, operational functionality and sustainability'.

From this week, in the UK, customers can return used Happy Meal toys to a select number of restaurants so that they can be recycled in a new 'toy take-back' trial.

In the Netherlands restaurants offer recycled paper masks as part of the Happy Meal instead of balloons and Belgium is now introducing the paper masks.

Keith Kenny, Vice President of Global Sustainability, said "The trials we are conducting across Europe are vital in helping us get first-hand feedback from customers on solutions that help them to be conscious consumers, without compromising on quality and the McDonald’s experience they love.

"Better M is a powerful platform to allow us to work with our customers and choose the right solutions to scale up across Europe."

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