NEWS: Ocean themed Christmas lights

London’s Carnaby Street is this year offering shoppers underwater scenes made from 1,500 recycled plastic bottles and 500 metres of reused bubble wrap.

The power used for the lights is 100% renewably sourced and includes water-based eco-friendly and vegan paint.

Each section of Carnaby Street now represents an area of the ocean in need of conservation following a project with charity Project Zero.

The installation features 11 large sea animals including a five-metre sculpted whale, swordfish, dolphin, turtle and hammerhead shark.

Michele Clarke, Project Zero Founder said: "The ocean is our planet's life support system, and it is being ravaged by climate change, overfishing and pollution.

"The Carnaby x Project Zero Christmas installation is an inspiring way to give the ocean major visibility, to remind people of its incredible beauty and life-giving properties.

"The unprecedented installation highlights the beauty and importance of the ocean that is the backbone to all life to our planet.

The ocean is Earth’s life support system, taking up 70% of our planet’s surface and giving us every drop of water we drink and every second breath we take.

"Today, the ocean is under attack from climate change, overfishing and plastic pollution.

Pixie Geldof, Project Zero Ambassador added: "I’m absolutely moved by the images of the stunning Carnaby x Project Zero Christmas installation.

"It is set to not only dazzle but remind us of the essential, life giving nature of the ocean and all the beautiful creatures that live in the sea.

"The ocean gives us every second breath we take and it’s time we prioritise its protection.’

Simon Quayle, from Shaftesbury which owns Carnaby, said: "We are excited to welcome Londoners and visitors alike to experience our Christmas installation.

"The urgent need to raise awareness and protect the ocean is one close to our hearts, and part of our pledge to help Carnaby become a more sustainable destination."

Each section of Carnaby Street represents an area of the ocean in need of conservation, starting with the floating kelp ‘forest’, through the bright pink coral and ending in the deep sea.

This year, Carnaby launched the Blue Turtle initiative, a mark of commitment for restaurants, bars and cafés, which aims to reduce the consumption of single-use plastic and encourage more sustainable practices. 

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