NEWS: Oxfam issues sequin warning

Research by Oxfam found 1.7 million items of sequined clothing will end up in UK landfill after Christmas - and items are mostly made from plastic and non biodegradable materials.

They've just published a study which suggested £415 million will be spent on new dresses and accessories this festive season.

The charity claims the products will only be worn five times on average before being binned.

The research, covering 2,000 women aged 18-55, found half of the respondents 'leave the items to languish at the back of their wardrobe' and 70 per cent said they’d 'reach for the rails to buy something new' despite already owning sequined party wear.

Only a quarter of the respondents were 'certain' they would 'wear their outfit again'.

The research also found that five percent binned their sequined party pieces once they had fallen out of love with them.

Oxfam’s sustainable fashion expert Fee Gilfeather said: "The harm throwaway fashion is doing to our planet is a worry for us all.

"Traditionally Christmas is a time of over-consumption, but as the new year approaches now is precisely the time to re-think the way we consume.

"Our research shows that outfits only see an average of five wears before they are cast aside, so why not bag yourself a nearly new bargain in your local Oxfam shop or the Oxfam Online Shop.

" When you’re finished with the item, why not donate it back to us so we can find a second home for it."

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