NEWS: Plastic ban on children's toys

Burger King will no longer give away plastic toys with its kids' meals as it tries to reduce 320 tonnes of plastic use each year.

The fast food giant says it was 'spurred on' by a petition from two Southampton schoolgirls who urged it to 'think of the environment'. The petition by Ella, 9, and Caitlin, 7, received around half a million signatures.

From today old toys can be returned to outlets and the plastic will be melted down for use in children's play areas or trays. Burger King UK chief executive Alasdair Murdoch said: "We're making a start. This is a step in the right direction. "If it makes other competitors move their practices forward, that can only be a good thing." McDonald's says it has no plans to do the same as Burger King but will let children swap their toys for a bag of fruit. McDonald's also plans a trial from early next year enabling parents to choose between a book or a piece of fruit.

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