NEWS: Superdrug's 'plastic victory'

Superdrug is ditching plastic tampon applicators, saving 418kg of plastic annually and launching a new eco-range.

It follows the #EndPeriodPlastic campaign by Ella Daish who said: "I’m thrilled that they have taken these progressive steps and hope to see other manufacturers move forward in this way." "It is fantastic that Superdrug has listened to the campaign and responded by taking these important steps to not only remove plastic from their conventional products, but also to develop an eco-range. "Superdrug’s move to ditching plastic tampon applicators will save 418kg (0.4 tonnes) of plastic annually and will directly put a stop to unnecessary plastic at source. "They are the third to take this step, meaning that half of the decision makers that manufacture plastic applicators have now removed them from their product ranges!

"The launch of their new Luna range will make eco-friendly options more visible and accessible to people across the country. "Steps being taken by big retailers like this will help make eco-friendly products mainstream and ‘normal’ amongst consumers." Superdrug’s Head of Own Brand, Quality and Technical, Sarah Jenkins, added: “At Superdrug, we are proud to champion sustainable initiatives and continue to make responsible choices. "Ella’s tireless campaign to help end period plastic is inspirational, and we have been working with her over the past year to help bring about this change at Superdrug.”

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