NEWS: Tesco 'noticed' packaging protest

Plastic Free campaigners in Ludlow staged a peaceful demonstration by removing all single-use plastic items from their shopping at a Tesco whilst in store.

The Shropshire-based 'Great Unwrapped group' took the stance on Friday night which they say was a 'brave move' and took conviction from members.

A spokesperson for the group said: "Forty of us went into the shop, bought our preferred produce and then congregated on the far side of the checkout - unwrapping all of our purchases. Leaving a mountain of plastics within a Tesco trolley.

"The best result was observing the managers reaction, initially calm but quickly becoming rapidly more and more distressed.

"Don't take pictures, don't do this, don't do that!"

"Tesco's most certainly noticed our cause!

"We then followed to Ludlow Brewery for coffee and to hear how nervous everybody had been feeling previous to the event, and how good and achieved they felt once it was completed. "

For more about Plastic Free Ludlow click here

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