NEWS: Thousands back 'latte levy' petition

More than 3,000 people have signed an online petition to create a surcharge on single-use cups.

The petition, started by Keep Britain Tidy, claims: "Every year around five billion single-use paper cups are used in the UK’s coffee shops and takeaways. 

"The vast majority contain a plastic lining which is tightly bonded to the paper, making the cup waterproof and able to hold liquid.

"Only four per cent of these cups are captured for recycling with the remainder ending up in landfill, waste incinerators or in our countryside, rivers and oceans.

"Additionally, single-use cups made entirely of plastic – often used for takeaway juices and smoothies - are also thought to be used in their billions each year."

Last year The Government said it would not implement a 25p levy claiming the charge would 'not be effective in changing consumer behaviour'.

The decision was partly based on research conducted by the Paper Cup Alliance which suggested a so-called latte levy would result in just five-point-seven per cent of customers switching to a reusable cup - with eight per cent 'choosing not to make a purchase at all'.

Keep Britain Tidy highlights research which suggests a latte levy in Parliament has resulted in a '74% drop in the use of paper cups, with no negative impact on overall sales'.

To see the petition click here

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