NEWS: Waitrose extends shop trial

Waitrose has extended its 'unpacked test' to a third store - offering 'packaging-free products which will test how customers might be prepared to shop differently'.

The trial aims to save thousands of tonnes of plastic by allowing shoppers to buy things like fruit and vegetables without packaging.

The retailer is now offering dispensers for dried products and a frozen ‘pick and mix’ selection.

Waitrose is also offering refills of detergent, washing up liquid, coffee, wine and beer in the Wallingford store.

Branch Manager Alex Hume said: “As we’re only the third store in the UK to test the Unpacked concept, customer feedback can play a pivotal role in shaping how we may take it forward in the future.”

The supermarket originally launched its Unpacked test in its Oxford Botley Road shop in June.

It has since opened tests stores in Cheltenham and will soon include a fourth store in Abingdon on November 22.

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