NEWS: Weekend 'single use' pledge

A new petition is calling on people - while in lockdown - to try and not use any single-use bags for a whole weekend to see if they can do it.

Eloise Baker Robbins is behind the 'Lets Save the Planet' online petition which calls on people to try switching their behaviour this weekend. It says: "I believe that single-use plastic is a terrible thing. "It is causing many animals to die and and is causing a lot of litter. "When someone drops a plastic bag on the ground, it, get's swept into the ocean. Then it can take up to one thousand years to decompose! "But if you drop a paper bag, it will only take five-ten years to decompose. "If you go shopping, use paper bags, reusable bags, tote bags, or coolers.

"People should not use single-use plastic bags at all. "By signing this petition, you pledge not to use single-use plastic for the weekend of May 1- May 3. Good luck!" One respondent replied: "Plastic is a thing that u use everyday and don’t know it, it is a very bad thing for the earth and I want to stop using it if it’s single use." Another added: "It's so important to protect our Earth. I'm proud of you for taking action!" To see the petition click here

Get in touch if you have a plastic free hack to share or come across a product or service deserving support.

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