NEWS: Why does fruit come packaged?

A new petition is calling on supermarkets to 'ditch meal-deal plastic fruit packaging and replace with whole fruit' instead.

Founder Justin Vingoe said: "Supermarkets are making single-use plastic for customers to take away for their lunches, and it is unlikely they will be eating at home where they can think about recycling the containers.

"There is no way to recycle plastic cutlery.

"The film going over the containers is not recyclable either.

"Your meal-deals all contain the option to take away chopped-up pieces of fruit in containers, covered in film, some with plastic cutlery, and some without, depending on the fruit.

"Sometimes there are chopped-up pieces of fruit in plastic packets too.

"Many of these even contain chopped up apple slices, grapes, and strawberries, that don’t need to be in plastic containers.

"Why is there not the option of purchasing whole fruit, such as a banana, pear, a whole apple, an orange, or a small punnet of strawberries or grapes, without the plastic?

"Does that not sound much healthier?

"Is it really necessary to cause unnecessary waste every time someone wants a bite to eat?

"According to all beach clean polls, food packaging is in the top 10 items found on UK beaches, with plastic cutlery also featuring in the top 10 of many of these polls.

"I also feel that this is important because there have already been petitions with answers to removing single-use plastic on your other meal deal options, such as drinks bottles, but not the single-use packaging on your meal deal fruit options."

To see the petition click here

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