NEWS: 'World clean up' findings

Plastic from Coca-Cola, Nestlé, and PepsiCo bottles are the most likely to be found in clean-ups according to Break Free From Plastic.

The results of 484 cleanups in 50 countries, across six continents, which were organised by the Break Free From Plastic movement in September, have been analysed.

Firms that also made the top were Mondelēz International, Unilever, Mars, P&G, Colgate-Palmolive, Phillip Morris, and Perfetti Van Melle.

Von Hernandez, global coordinator of the Break Free From Plastic movement, said: "Their continued reliance on single-use plastic packaging translates to pumping more throwaway plastic into the environment.

"Recycling is not going to solve this problem. Break Free From Plastic’s nearly 1,800 member organisations are calling on corporations to urgently reduce their production of single-use plastic and find innovative solutions focused on alternative delivery systems that do not create pollution."

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  • Click here for Unilever's promise to halve the amount of new plastic it uses in its packaging by 2025.

  • Click here for Coca Cola's plans to remove all plastic shrink-wrapped multipack packaging and replace it with cardboard.

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