Plastic free Christmas wrapping tips

Fed up with glitter, sellotape and non-recyclable wrapping? Why not make use of a little one's home arts and crafts and create unique wrapped gifts with zero plastic.

When it comes to wrapping presents there's a cost effective alternative to that sparkly wrapping paper which can't be recycled and sheds all over the carpet.

Here at Plastic Free Central we save and reuse any bits of ribbon, twine, gift bags and also our little one's paintings - as we regularly paint at home together on recycled paper.

We find artwork makes great personalised gift wrap and makes the wrapping into one of the best parts of the present for some family members. Be warned some paint makes the paper non recyclable although we've checked with our local authority who say water based paint on paper can still be recycled.

We don't always cover the whole present in wrapping, as most gifts end up resting on the floor or in people's laps. What's the point in covering the bottom? It's also a chance for us to explain the wrapping (as we're not just being cheap) and our philosophy behind it.

At Christmas we add some bells and a cutting from the tree. There are stamps and ink you can use to make your own recyclable Christmas wrapping paper but we find ribbons are enough.

We reuse last year's Christmas cards to use as gift tags (pictured), or simply write directly onto the wrapping paper in a colourful pen.

If, like us, you can never keep track of the end of the sellotape then using ribbon and twine makes wrapping presents much easier as you don't need to use any tape.

Top tips for plastic free gift wrapping

1. If the present's an unusual shape why not find a box to make wrapping easier, maybe something left over from a gift given to you in a previous year?

2. You don't have to cover the whole present...remember it's in a box and you have to put it down on one side anyway! It could also start other conversations around zero waste.

3. Measure how much ribbon or twine you need against the present and leave just enough extra to tie a bow.

4. Fold the paper around the box making sharp creases so it holds its shape. Brown paper especially holds well as it's quite thick.

5. Put the present face down on top of the middle of the ribbon.

6. Tie in a bow and maybe add some Christmas tree (if you have a real one) to give it a festive scent.

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