REVIEW: Happier Toothpaste

One day in a supermarket Faye Wilson was looking for toothpaste and started reading the labels - then thought "I need a chemistry degree to understand half the ingredients."

The shopping trip led her to create the Happier Beauty sustainable brand and launch her own toothpaste - which we've been impressed with here at Plastic Free Central.

She tells us: “Toothpaste is something we put in our mouths twice a day, yet nearly all of us are guilty of being unaware of what is actually in it."

Happier Toothpaste has packaging made from traditional aluminium which is easy and energy efficient to recycle. There’s no unnecessary cardboard box either. Even the postal packaging for the toothpaste is 100 per cent recyclable, wrapped in 100 per cent recycled tissue paper and posted in a reusable bubble envelope.

Each ingredient has been specially selected to have as minimal impact to the environment as possible, be cruelty free, vegan friendly and specially formulated for sensitive teeth.

Faye says: "Happier toothpaste contains no soap and instead has a low foam formula treated with coconut oil to create light refreshing bubbles without drying your mouth."

Papaya fruit extract is infused into the toothpaste which aids whitening and prevents new stains from sticking to your teeth.

Faye adds: “We are completely transparent with our ingredients; explaining what each ingredient does and why we've included it in our toothpaste. We never use SLS, triclosan, parabens, petrochemicals, colours, artificial flavours or sweeteners."

Happier Toothpaste our verdict

We really like the toothpaste. It's got a nice flavour and leaves teeth feeling really clean and white. It's great having the list of ingredients so we can understand exactly what's gone into it, why it is there and what it does.

The aluminium tube is great, just a shame it has a plastic, albeit recyclable, lid.

Sometimes it's the little details that make a product and we really like the little gizmo to make sure all the toothpaste is used. It's not cheap at £12 a tube, or just under £9 for a set of four, but we like supporting the small startup business and the philosophy behind it. We appreciate the company's effort to make use of the postage envelope we just wonder if there's another sustainable way to dispatch the product?

Happier toothpaste is available online for £12 per 75ml tube, with free UK shipping and is available in fresh mint flavour. To see the full list of ingredients and for more details click here

This is an independent review by Plastic Free Central and we received no money from Happier Toothpaste. If you have a new product that we can test and highlight please get in touch. Have you tried Happier Toothpaste? let us know in the comments below.


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