VIDEO: How to make mouthwash

Sometimes the easiest way to ditch the plastic is to make your own products. Why not trying making your own mouthwash? It's fairly cheap, easy and you can even do it with a child.

Bicarbonate of soda based mouthwash is great for being antibacterial and helping to reduce plaque and cavities whilst whitening teeth.

Research shows it can help reduce gingivitis or inflammation of the gums. Be warned large amounts of bicarbonate of soda can be bad for you (for more advice click here) although the doses used in homemade mouthwash are perfectly safe.

It's easy to make mouthwash with kids, just keep a close eye on them as some parents have looked up to find their child trying to eat all the bicarbonate of soda!

Homemade mouthwash recipe and how to make it

We make ours in a jar, usually just half full, and it lasts a few days. Simply add a teaspoon of baking soda to half a cup of water and a couple of drops of peppermint oil. Shake it up and use like normal mouthwash.

How do I use homemade mouthwash?

Just swirl around a small amount of your newly created homemade mouthwash and spit out when finished. Interestingly the NHS suggest not using mouthwash straight after brushing.

NHS advice says: "Using a mouthwash that contains fluoride can help prevent tooth decay, but don't use mouthwash (even a fluoride one) straight after brushing your teeth or it'll wash away the concentrated fluoride in the toothpaste left on your teeth. Choose a different time to use mouthwash, such as after lunch. Don't eat or drink for 30 minutes after using a fluoride mouthwash."

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