VIDEO: Kids toys help 'send message'

Around 2,000 plastic toy animals have been painted white in a new exhibition highlighting concerns about waste and the environment.

All the toys are second hand and artist Sarah Strachan says it's to highlight that some of the plastic animals will outlive the endangered real life animals they are modelled on. The exhibition has opened at Torre Abbey in Torquay, Devon

Children have been donating toys, they are currently playing with, to the artwork because they feel strongly about the issue. Ms Strachan said: "Some of the sweetest moments have been when little children have given me toys that they're still playing with and I'm always like 'are you really sure you want to give that' and they reply 'yes'. "Maybe they have seen the show before and they understand what is happening. They can be keen to give away some of their little toys. "These plastic animals will be here for hundreds of years, they're not going to degrade for hundreds of years and some of the animals are already on the endangered list. "The little plastic models might outlive the animals that they've been modelled on so it's a comment on extinction." The exhibition by Sarah Strachan runs until Sunday Feb 23. 

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