VIDEO: Upcycle a swimbag

Not sure what to do with an old swimsuit? Why not upcycle it into a personalised swimbag?

There are some really great bags out there made from recycled materials such as inflatables or inner tubes and we thought why not try it with a tired old swimsuit?

Even with our very limited sewing skills it took less than an evening to create.

Our bag has already had lots of use. Being a bit stretchy it easily fits in a towel, costume and shampoo bar. Ideal!

How to make a swimbag from an old costume

  1. Cut the bottom part out to make a straight edge

  2. Turn inside out and sew the bottom part together

  3. As ours was halter neck we stitched the straps to make the handles

  4. Add a locker pound to make life a bit easier!

Have you got any plastic free or up-cycling hacks or suggestions?

Let us know in the comments below

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